About Sabine Fazekas

Sabine performing 28.02.2007
Perception creates the experience

Half French half Hungarian, trained as an art historian ( Phd Art History (contemporary art), University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne) Sabine was first a curator in Hungary (Budapest), England (London) and France (Paris) where she was living. She was already painting when she decided to dedicate her life toward creation in 1996.

She paints for about 17 years and takes us into the essence of the space to the world of the elements (water, air, fire, earth) in her oil paintings, and more recently into the timeless of the Mountains of the Himalayas.

Since her first experience of site specific installation ‘From Wet to Dry’ in the saltmarshes of Guérande (Loire-Atlantique) in France, in 1998, she is developing a specific work within the landscape, revealing intermediary and invisible spaces, taking care of the environment in using collected local natural materials. The installation is ephemeral and has no propriety value unless the affection and the souvenir are more valuable and printed in ourselves.

Based on an intuitive listening, her way of creating is placed energetically between Earth and Sky, and tries to keep this tangible fragile border of beauty but not seductive, to let the artwork quite rough and incarnate as well. It seems that every installation connects people to their own history. Unconsciously the artpiece just gives back what is surrounding it.

The themes of these installations are mainly related to strong images of universal symbols (Cabbale, chakra, etc). She went through the Caducée, the philosophical tree like the Sephiroth tree, and some poetic and meditative place like the cathedral or reminiscences of beauty and peaceful places.
She realised site specific installations in France ( ‘Philosophical Tree’ and ‘Cathedral’, Vosgian forest), Austria ( ‘Inside Outside’, Alpen mountains), Hungary which intend within the time to be monumental and more with fewer means.

To make alive the installation and bring to the public the feeling of a real life, she likes to invite dancers, performers, musicians, composers, mostly interested in improvisation and accidental things. She worked on various performances : “De Trois, en Toi” with Anouk Llaurens (Belgium), dancer, Attila Dora (Hungary), saxo and reeds.

She works on some collaborative projects like the “Frange indécise”, with Sylvia Hillard, dancer and Nicolas Guerrero, composer, with the support of The Point Ephémère, multimedia’s residency, Paris and The Centre National de la Danse, Pantin.

Interested in movement from her childhood, she is looking at contemporary dance with a special point of view in terms of space and essence. She finds connections with contemporary and electro acoustic music and post modern dance. She had the chance to cross directly and undirectly the works of Lisa Nelson and Deborah Hay. In the summer 2007 , she took part in a training held by Soto Hofmann ( from Anna Halprin’s center) about the process of life.

She developed already some sensitive works in the public spaces, using local objects. Her weekly experience in 2002, called “Does the Place says?…” “Le Lieu dit…” on the Passage Dudouy in Paris 11th district, showed her the legitimacy to develop subtle actions which are standing at the limit of being visible. This path was inhabited by various sorts of people living in small house, olderly craftsman’s houses, with the particularity to be opened to a nice private path. Everybody has the possibility to plant a nice garden, private even if the path stays open to the inhabitants. Moving and displacing objects found there, she used the whole environment from the top to the floor: from the grape till the broom, from the honeysukkle turned into a human face, new resisting plantations to the red old woman. Each little action was related to the inhabitant ( cultural origins, occupation, spirit, etc..).
More recently, in september 2008, she created « Jouer avec Pépé » in Majorelle’s garden in Paris for the Génie des Jardins (see video).

She has been in charge of trainings “Art in Nature” for the French Electricity company employees, on summers 2003 and 2004, where she brought the people (young, adults, disabled and old people, families) to be familiar with the notion of space ( from one plan till the 3 dimensions, from painting till installation through sculpture in volume). This course was mostly based on watching, listening, smelling what is surrounding us.

Her last big art piece ‘ From the Third Eye View’ was settled in June 2007 in Dobogokö in Hungary, on a large and sacred place called the ‘heartbeating stones’. She was invited for the 8th Conference of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, held by the Director of the Institute of Ethnology of Hungary. In May 2008, she organised there an interactive outdoor dance performance ‘Human antlers’ (in Hungarian EMBERAGANCS, in French « Les Bois Humains ») with the kind collaboration of 25 dancers and musicians (see videos).

She is actually working on a new site specific installation which will take place in Ladakh (in the Himalayas) in North of India on a pass at 5300 m altitude. She is planning to build up a big rainbow where a lake should be included in. She is thinking also about a new performance about resonance and vibration of sounds.

She is currently working with Timea Györke on a site specific performance in the urban environment and is training groups of performers of different ages, leading workshops, called BAKING SOUNDS, based on voice and movement.

She is anchoring her process of creation more and more into a free nomadic attitude. In the meantime, she is working at developing her senses for revealing the invisible sacred geometry of certain places in the world. This is her way to bring the people on these sites to open their mind, soul and consciousness and enhance their responsibility towards Nature.

She is invited to various artist’s residencies in Europe ( Hotel Pupik, Schrattenberg, Austria, Hungary, etc…)

She is a member of several artist’s associations in France (Le Génie de la Bastille) and of AININ Artists in Nature International Network ( http://www.artinnature.org/).

March 2012



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