Curriculum vitae

Born 1966 in France. Graduated in Art History (PhD) at the University Paris I ( Hungarian Contemporary Art ), started as a curator organizing exhibitions abroad (Budapest 1991-1993, London 1993-1994) and later in France.

Painted for 17 years and directs her work for 10 years to the sculpture in suspension in base of natural elements as woods, branch, leaves, etc.., and especially to the site specific installation and to the environmental and land art.
From an intuitive reading of the land & environment, takes out the essence of a place and materialize this with collected materials founded in the surroundings. A personal proposal of meeting between Man and Nature. She is also directing dance performances on the site of her installations.

From 1998 to 2001, active member of ACAVA, Association for the Creation of a Centre of Living Arts in 11th district of Paris: curating exhibitions, artistic exchanges, participation in the Hungarian cultural year on 2001.
Member of several artists’ associations among le Génie de la Bastille and AININ Artists in Nature International Network
(http: // /).

Since 1998, is interested in the therapeutic dimension of the creation and has developed a Training Course bringing people to get into the landscape with artistic purposes (workshops « Art in Land » with people on vacation for French Company for Electricity EDF-GDF the last years). Affiliated to the House of the Artists(France)

Recent exhibitions

– Soul lines, installation-tension, branches, sheet and nylon,
at European salon of the Young Creators, 47-th Salon of Montrouge, Section Sculpture
– Open Studios, Montrouge, organized by Les Yeux Fertiles, the association of Montrouge’s artists
– ‘Summer in the City’, Global Human AG, Makasten’s garden, Düsseldorf, Germany
– Allegory of the Water, site specific installation,1st Biennale of Contemporary Art NATURECULT ‘
curated by Actuart, Museum of the Avelines, St Cloud (92)
– ‘Does the Place Say …? ‘, site specific installation in the passage Dudouy, Paris
a short-lived playful intervention with the agreement of the inhabitants, made of collected materials on the spot (a week preparation) during Open Studios of Le Génie de la Bastille

2003 Open Studios, City of Montrouge (92)

Head Roots, suspended sculpture, branches and linen ropes,
49th Salon d’art contemporain de Montrouge, Section Sculpture
« Le Toboggan de la Vie » Jacob’s Ladder, installation in situ, échelle de corde, arbres, création
2nd Biennale d’Art Contemporain ‘Space’ organized by ACTUART, Avelines’ park, St Cloud(92)
A Perçu sur Carottes, Perceptions on Carots, short time site specific installation
made of 200 carots in a courtyard Paris 13th in the frame of the 13th Open Studios, The 13th Art
From Wet to Dry, photographies of the so called site specific installation,
Salon d’Art Contemporain « Art Bio. Planète en devenir: questions d’artistes », Viry-Chatillon(91)
« L’Arroseur arrosé/The Soaker soaked », site specific, soak, 60 meters of sweets
creation for the exhibition »Friandises et pain d’artistes », MJC Quartier Centre Ville,Dieppe(76)
« Prière de ne pas toucher, Risque d’envol », « Tünékeny Méreg! Összeszerelt Vaddohàny”
Site specific installation and ink drawings , MaMü Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
– Installation & performance « De Trois, en Toi »
with Anouk Llaurens, dance performer and Attila Dora, saxo performer & electronics,
ART CAMP 2005, XV. International Art Symposium, Szolnoki Müvésztelep, Szolnok, Hungary
« Afetos Roubados no Tempo », « Affections dérobées au temps »
Goethe Institut, Salvador de Bahia et à l’Atelier Oficina do Tempo, Recife, Brésil

« Au Bonheur des Dames », Galerie Daguerre, Paris
«Au cœur des éléments»«In the Heart of the Elements»paintings, solo exhibition, F.F.T.C.C., Paris
« Afetos Roubados no Tempo », Galeria Capibaribe, Recife/PE, Brésil (
Thème : le lien. Parc St Aubin Le Cauf, (76)
Le Génie des Jardins, square Emile Redouté, Paris

Petits formats, lagalerie, Paris
Janv-Mars2007 A la source de pays sages, To the spring of wise landscapes, paintings and Land art, solo exhibition ,Institut Hongrois de Paris
Juin-Sept 2007 ‘From the Third Eye View’ Site specific installation, Forest of Dobogokö, Hungary.

Sept 2008 Jouer avec Pépé, site specific installation in Majorelle’s garden, 11th district of Paris, Le Génie des Jardins, Paris, see:
Juin 2008 Portes ouvertes atelier, Montrouge
Mai 2008 53ème Salon d’Art Contemporain de Montrouge

Nov 2009 Paysages élémentaires, Galerie Le Cerisier, Paris

March 2010 Solo show, Atelier C, Paris

Summer 2010: Povvera, exhibition, Szentendre, Hungary


April 2012 Solo Painting exhibition, The Winebar, Budapest

Symposium – Workshops

July 1999 From the Wet to the Dry, site specific installation, salicorne, algae, water, salt, 200 m2, Romy’s saltmarshes, district of Trévaly, Guérande’s (44) saltern. International symposium of Contemporary Art ‘The Salt of the Arts ‘ organized by Artémia – 2-nd Subject year: The transformation of the salt
Summer 2002 Raise of Sun, environmental installation on the whole saltmarsh of the Quénevaude. Branches of willow, wood, bamboo, thread, Maisons Brûlées, saltmarshes of Guérande
International Symposium of Contemporary Art ‘The Salt of the Arts’, Artémia – 5-th:The Hut
Summer 2005
Cathedral and Philosophical Tree, 2 environmental installations
Sous la Ligne Bleue/Under the Blue Line, Les chemins d’art du pays sous-vosgien, organized by the CCPSV, Etueffont(90) – (
‘In Out’ « Herein Aus », site specific installation made of vegetal moss, in Artists’ Residency at Pupik Hotel, Schrattenberg, Austria – (
“Tünékeny Méreg! Összeszerelt Vaddohàny”, Installation made of a wild tabacco, at School of Erdöszölö/ Iskola Erdöszölöi Art Camp, 11-20 august 2005, Nagykata , Hungary, organized by the Group Block
Installation and Performance, XV. International Art Symposium, Szolnoki Müvésztelep, 23-28 august 2005, Szolnok, Hungary
Summer 2006 Preparation of an artist’s residency in la Corbinière des Landes, Brittany
Summer 2007: ‘The Babel Tower’ a forbiden installation. 2nd International Artist’s Colony of Debrecen, Hungary. see

Dec 2011 Land Art Workshop , during 5 Rythms workshop, Hollokö(HU)

Interdisciplinary collaborations

« De Trois en Toi », Szolnok, Hungary
« Au nom du vivant , l’animal et l’homme », UVA Grand Montmartre, Paris
Performance–Improvisation : Anouk Llaurens, dance, Attila Dora, saxophone, Sabine Fazekas, installations.
Preparation of « La Frange indécise » dance piece about the fluids, with Sylvia Hillard,
dancer choreographer and Nicolas Guerrero, electronics, Sabine Fazekas, installations, Point Ephémère, Paris
and Centre national de la Danse, Pantin
Performance dance improvisation, with Anouk llaurens, dance and Anuvab Chatterjee, tablas,
Sabine Fazekas, installation of branches. Institut Hongrois de Paris, 28 february 2007
C’ouvert, dance performance with Véronique Albert et Anouk LLaurens, Festival « Metz en fête », Metz, 5 july 2007
‘Human antlers’ ( EMBERAGANCS – LES BOIS HUMAINS), interactive outdoor dance performance , with 25 dancers and musicians, on the site of ‘From the Third Eye View’, Dobogokö, Hungary, May 18, 2008


Baking Sounds, workshops with Timea Györke, for the project of a site specific performance in urban environment(in process)


From the third eye view, on the sound of the beating stones, DVD 40 mns
‘Human antlers’ Emberagancs « Les Bois Humains« , interactive outdoor performance, DVD, 23 mns


‘Rainbow’, documentary film, co-production, in pre-production



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