Environmental art – Land art

FTEW large view Sous la neige !

FTEW profilBande tressage netFTEW white centerFTEW central tree

‘From the Third Eye View’

wooden post and trees, 3 meters high, 200 m2, Dobogokö, Hungary, Autumn/Winter 2007-2008

(see FROM THE THIRD EYE VIEW and watch the video of the outdoor interactive dance performance
‘Human antlers’, played in May 18, 2008 (see Performances).

Philosophical tree2
Philosophical tree1Philosophical tree3
Philosophical tree
Trees, pink soil, wood, 500 m2
vosgian forest, France, 2005

Trees, ropes, wood, 200 m2
Pays sous-vosgien, France, 2005

Mandala va
Mandala 2004Mandala detail
Herbs, 25 meters diameter
Montbrun les Bains, France, 2004

RS basket waterv2
RS hoopsRS basketsRS door Omega
RS perf D.StarckRS hanged basketRS door detail
Raise of sun
linen rope, willow tree, white tissue, 75 ha
Saltmarshes of Guérande, 2002

From Wet to Dry.va
FWettoDry.view with RomiWD perspectiveWD circle limuWD red carpetWD Naomi MutohWD ladure5
From Wet to Dry
salt, wind, soil, sun, salicorne, water, human beings, 100 m2
Saltmarshes of Guérande, France, 1999

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