RAINBOW 2009-2012

Participatory art project

directed by Sabine Fazekas and Artway Concept-Paris

Rainbow takes place in Ladakh(Little Tibet), in the Himalaya, India, on the Yalang Nyala pass at 5400m, overviewing the lake Tso Moriri. See map on Google Earth and visit Rainbow in Ladakh :


The RAINBOW project encompases companies and individuals, collaborating in the creation of a monumental art project, working together in solidarity to protect the environment and culture of Ladakh.

Inaugural in August 2012 / Project stopped in May 2012


The artwork :
« Rainbow » is a monumental site specific installation created by Sabine Fazekas, Land Artist (art in nature) that questions the human being and his relationship to the environment.

Performed on a 5400m pass in the Himalayas of Northern India, the work highlights the natural features and cultural values of the endangered region of Ladakh (a region classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, also known as « Little Tibet »).
Consisting of thousands of natural colored stones, « Rainbow » is a monumental work of art, measuring 3m high by 500m2, which requires three months of work on site. The walls will be constructed along the model of the Rainbow Body, which is the body of light, the ultimate completion of a Buddhist practice that reproduces the colors of the rainbow in the Self. To accomplish this, the work will encompass the Tso Moriri lake, situated below the village of Korzok, near the Chinese border (formerly Tibet).

Vue du col - 30x24

Descente du col O8Drapeaux sur col 08Kern sur le col 08

Rainbow croquis 1         Rainbow croquis 3.150dpiRainbow croquis 5. 150dpi

Rainbow croquis 6.150dpi

Parallel actions :
The artwork is the focal point for drawing attention to environmental issues in Ladakh and supporting the nomads of the region.
– Photographer, Bernard Boisson, a specialist in environmental photography, will work on the project during the construction of the artwork;
– Two dancers and one musician will accompany Sabine Fazekas to conduct a performance at the inauguration of the artwork;
– An art film will be created to document the construction of Rainbow;
– Back in France, an exhibition will report the experience of RAINBOW accompanied by an exhibition catalog including the DVD of the film.


RAINBOW is a solidarity art project enabling:
– The work of 30 local workers for two months on the project’s achievements, in accordance with the local economic system;
– The construction of a dormitory for the children of the monastery of the village of Korzok, in support of local living conditions;

I would like to thank my artists friends great musicians and singers and performers for their wonderful support during the event « Tribute to the Rainbow Project » on 2 April 2012 and at the Finissage on 9 May 2012 with the Sounds Bakers (see Performances) at The Winebar, Budapest.



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